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@isaacs isaacs released this · 1865 commits to master since this release

Make the search output prettier, with nice truncated columns, and a --long option to create wrapping columns. (20439b2 and 3a6942d, @timoxley)

Support multiple packagenames in npm docs. (823010b, @timoxley)

Fix the npm adduser bug regarding "Error: default value must be string or number" again. (b9b4248, @isaacs)

Fix scripts entries containing whitespaces on Windows. (80282ed, @robertkowalski)

Fix npm update for Git URLs that have credentials in them (93fc364, @danielsantiago)

Fix npm install overwriting npm link-ed dependencies when they are tagged Git dependencies. (af9bbd9, @evanlucas)

Remove npm prune --production since it buggily removed some dependencies that were necessary for production; see #4509. Hopefully it can make its triumphant return, one day. (1101b6a, @isaacs)

Dependency updates:


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