@domenic domenic released this Feb 13, 2014 · 2522 commits to master since this release

Remove npm publish --force. See npm/npm-registry-couchapp#148. (@isaacs, npm/npm-registry-client@2c8dba9)

Other changes to the registry client related to saved configs and couch logins. (@isaacs; npm/npm-registry-client@25e2b01, npm/npm-registry-client@9e41e91, npm/npm-registry-client@2c8dba9)

Show an error to the user when doing npm update and the package.json specifies a version that does not exist. (@evanlucas, 027a33a)

Fix some issues with cache ownership in certain installation configurations. (@outcoldman, a132690)

Fix issues where GitHub shorthand dependencies user/repo were not always treated the same as full Git URLs. (@robertkowalski, npm/normalize-package-data@005d0b6)