@isaacs isaacs released this May 23, 2014 · 2392 commits to master since this release

  • fix npm ls labeling issue
  • node-gyp@0.13.1
  • default repository to https:// instead of git://
  • addLocalTarball: Remove extraneous unpack (isaacs)
  • Massive cache folder refactor (Forrest L Norvell and isaacs)
  • Busy Spinner, no http noise (isaacs)
  • Per-project .npmrc file support (isaacs)
  • npmconf@1.0.0, Refactor config/uid/prefix loading process (isaacs)
  • Allow once-disallowed characters in passwords (isaacs)
  • Send npm version as 'version' header (isaacs)
  • fix cygwin encoding issue (Karsten Tinnefeld)
  • Allow non-github repositories with npm repo (Evan Lucas)
  • Allow peer deps to be satisfied by grandparent
  • Stop optional deps moving into deps on update --save (Tim Oxley)
  • Ensure only matching deps update with update --save* (Tim Oxley)
  • Add support for prerelease, preminor, prepatch to npm version