@domenic domenic released this Feb 17, 2014 · 2519 commits to master since this release

Add back npm prune --production, which was removed in 1.3.24. (acc4d02, @davglass)

Default npm install --save and its counterparts to use the ^ version specifier, instead of ~. (0a3151c, @mikolalysenko)

Make npm shrinkwrap output dependencies in a sorted order, so that diffs between shrinkwrap files should be saner now. (059b2bf, @Raynos)

Fix npm dedupe not correctly respecting dependency constraints. (86028e9, @rafeca)

Fix npm ls giving spurious warnings when you used "latest" as a version specifier. (npm/read-installed@d295640, @bajtos)

Fixed a bug where using npm link on packages without a name value could cause npm to delete itself. (401a642, @isaacs)

Fixed npm install ./pkg@1.2.3 to actually install the directory at pkg@1.2.3; before it would try to find version 1.2.3 of the package ./pkg in the npm registry. (46d8768, @rlidwka; see also f851b79)

Fix npm outdated to respect the color configuration option. (d4f6f3f, @timoxley)

Fix npm outdated --parseable. (9575a23, @yhpark)

Fix a lockfile-related errors when using certain Git URLs. (164b97e, @nigelzor)