@domenic domenic released this Apr 18, 2014 · 3149 commits to latest since this release

Sort dependencies in package.json when doing npm install --save and all its variants. (6fd6ff7, @domenic)

Add --save-exact option, usable alongside --save and its variants, which will write the exact version number into package.json instead of the appropriate semver-compatibility range. (17f07df, @timoxley)

Accept gzipped content from the registry to speed up downloads and save bandwidth. (a3762de, npm/npm-registry-client#40, @fengmk2)

Fix npm ls's --depth and --log options. (1d29b17, npm/read-installed#13, @zertosh)

Fix "Adding a cache directory to the cache will make the world implode" in certain cases. (9a4b2c4, domenic/path-is-inside#1, @pmarques)

Fix readmes not being uploaded in certain rare cases. (527b72c, @isaacs)