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@domenic domenic released this · 937 commits to master since this release

Add --save-prefix option that can be used to override the default of ^ when using npm install --save and its counterparts. (64eefdf, @thlorenz)

Allow --silent to silence the echoing of commands that occurs with npm run. (c95cf08, @Raynos)

Some speed improvements to the cache, which should improve install times. (cb94310, 3b0870f, 120f5a9, @isaacs)

Improve ability to retry registry requests when a subset of the registry servers are down. (4a5257d, npm/npm-registry-client@7686d02, @isaacs)

Fix marking of peer dependencies as extraneous. (779b164, npm/read-installed@6680ba6, @isaacs)

Fix npm crashing when doing npm shrinkwrap in the presence of a package.json with no dependencies. (a9d9fa5, @kislyuk)

Fix error when using npm view on packages that have no versions or have been unpublished. (94df2f5, @juliangruber; 2241a09, @isaacs)


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