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So apparently the preferGlobal option hasn't quite been warning correctly for some time. But now it should be all better! tl;dr: if you try and install a dependency with preferGlobal: true, and it's not already in your package.json, you'll get a warning that the author would really rather you install it with --global. This should prevent Windows PowerShell from thinking npm has failed just because of a benign warning.

  • bbb25f3 #8841 #9409 The preferGlobal warning shouldn't happen if the dependency being installed is listed in devDependencies. (@saper)
  • 222fcec #9409 preferGlobal now prints a warning when there are no dependencies for the current package. (@zkat)
  • 5cfed6d #9409 Verify that preferGlobal is warning as expected (when a preferGlobal dependency is installed, but isn't listed in either dependencies or devDependencies). (@zkat)


  • eeafce2 validate-npm-package-license@3.0.1: Include additional metadata in parsed license object, useful for license checkers. (@kemitchell) 1502a28 normalise-package-data@2.3.2: Updated to use validate-npm-package-license@3.0.1. (@othiym23)
  • cbde823 init-package-json@1.9.1: Add a silent option to suppress output on writing the generated package.json. Also, updated to use validate-npm-package-license@3.0.1. (@zkat)
  • 08fda46 tar@2.2.0: Minor improvements. (@othiym23)
  • dc2f20b rimraf@2.4.3: EPERM now triggers a delay / retry loop (since Windows throws this when things still hold a handle). (@isaacs)
  • e8acb27 read@1.0.7: Fix licensing ambiguity. (@isaacs)


  • 73a1ee0 #9386 Include additional unignorable files in documentation. (@mjhasbach)
  • 0313e40 #9396 Improve the EISDIR error message returned by npm's error-handling code to give users a better hint of what's most likely going on. Usually, error reports with this error code are about people trying to install things without a package.json. (@KenanY)
  • 2677457 #9360 Make it easier to run only some of npm tests with lifecycle scripts via npm tap test/tap/testname.js. (@iarna)