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v3.3.6 (2015-09-30):

I have the most exciting news for you this week. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Well, ok, maybe you do if you follow my twitter.

Performance just got 5 bazillion times better (under some circumstances, ymmv, etc). So– my test scenario is our very own website. In npm@2, on my macbook running npm ls takes about 5 seconds. Personally it's more than I'd like, but it's entire workable. In npm@3 it has been taking 50 seconds, which is appalling. But after doing some work on Monday isolating the performance issues I've been able to reduce npm@3's run time back down to 5 seconds.

Other scenarios were even worse, there was one that until now in npm@3 that took almost 6 minutes, and has been reduced to 14 seconds.

  • 7bc0d4c cf42217 #8826 Stop using deepclone on super big datastructures. Avoid cloning all-together even when that means mutating things, when possible. Otherwise use a custom written tree-copying function that understands the underlying datastructure well enough to only copy what we absolutely need to. (@iarna)

In other news, look for us this Friday and Saturday at the amazing Open Source and Feelings conference, where something like a third of the company will be attending.

And finally a dependency update

And some subdep updates