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@iarna iarna released this 22 Apr 02:27
· 957 commits to latest since this release

v4.6.1 (2017-04-21)

A little release to tide you over while we hammer out the last bits for npm@5.


  • d13c9b2f2 init-package-json@1.10.0: The name: prompt is now package name: to make this less ambiguous for new users.

    The default package name is now a valid package name. For example: If your package directory has mixed case, the default package name will be all lower case.

  • f08c66323 #16213 Add --allow-same-version option to npm version so that you can use npm version to run your version lifecycles and tag your git repo without actually changing the version number in your package.json. (@lucastheisen)

  • f5e8becd0 Timing has been added throughout the install implementation. You can see it by running a command with --loglevel=timing. You can also run commands with --timing which will write an npm-debug.log even on success and add an entry to _timing.json in your cache with the timing information from that run. (@iarna)


  • 9c860f2ed #16021 Fix a crash in npm doctor when used with a registry that does not support the ping API endpoint. (@watilde)
  • 65b9943e9 #16364 Shorten the ELIFECYCLE error message. The shorter error message should make it much easier to discern the actual cause of the error. (@j-f1)
  • a87a4a835 npmlog@4.0.2: Fix flashing of the progress bar when your terminal is very narrow. (@iarna)
  • 41c10974f write-file-atomic@1.3.2: Wait for fsync to complete before considering our file written to disk. This will improve certain sorts of Windows diagnostic problems.
  • 2afa9240c #16336 Don't ham-it-up when expecting JSON. (@bdukes)