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@zkat zkat released this Jul 14, 2017 · 530 commits to latest since this release

As mentioned before, we're continuing to do relatively rapid, smaller releases as we keep working on stomping out npm@5 issues! We've made a lot of progress since 5.0 already, and this release is no exception.


  • 1e3a46944 #17616 Add --link filter option to npm ls. (@richardsimko)
  • 33df0aaa libnpx@9.2.0 (@zkat):
    • 4 new languages - Czech, Italian, Turkish, and Chinese (Traditional)! This means npx is available in 14 different languages!
    • New --node-arg option lets you pass CLI arguments directly to node when the target binary is found to be a Node.js script.


  • 33df0aaa
    libnpx@9.2.0 (@zkat):
    • npx should now work on (most) Windows installs. A couple of issues remain.
    • Prevent auto-fallback from going into an infinite loop when npx disappears.
    • npx npx npx npx npx npx npx npx works again.
    • update-notifier will no longer run for the npx bundled with npm.
    • npx <cmd> in a subdirectory of your project should be able to find your node_modules/.bin now. Oops
  • 8e979bf80 Revert change where npm stopped flattening modules that required peerDeps. This caused problems because folks were using peer deps to indicate that the target of the peer dep needed to be able to require the dependency and had been relying on the fact that peer deps didn't change the shape of the tree (as of npm@3). The fix that will actually work for people is for a peer dep to insist on never being installed deeper than the the thing it relies on. At the moment this is tricky because the thing the peer dep relies on may not yet have been added to the tree, so we don't know where it is. (@iarna)
  • 7f28a77f3 #17733 Split remove and unbuild actions into two to get uninstall lifecycles and the removal of transitive symlinks during uninstallation to run in the right order. (@iarna)
  • 637f2548f #17748 When rolling back use symlink project-relative path, fixing some issues with fs-vacuum getting confused while removing symlinked things. (@iarna)
  • f153b5b22 #17706 Use semver to compare node versions in npm doctor instead of plain > comparison. (@leo-shopify)
  • 542f7561 #17742 Fix issue where npm version would sometimes not commit package-locks. (@markpeterfejes)
  • 51a9e63d #17777 Fix bug exposed by other bugfixes where the wrong package would be removed. (@iarna)


Have we mentioned we really like documentation patches? Keep sending them in! Small patches are just fine, and they're a great way to get started contributing to npm!

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