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src: make the npm source comply with `standard`

This is a huge set of mostly mechanical changes. Going forward, all
changes to the npm source base are expected to comply with `standard`,
and it's been integrated into the test suite to enforce that. There are
a few notes below about specific classes of changes that need to be
handled specially for npm's code base.

standard: "Expected error to be handled."

`standard` only expects errors spelled "err" to be handled.
`npm-registry-mock` never actually invokes its callback with an error,
so in some cases I just changed it to be spelled "er" and called it

standard: "Expected a "break" statement before 'case'."

This behavior is actually on purpose, and I don't feel like rewriting
the affected code right now (or, you know, ever). So I added code
comments disabling the checks in the three applicable changes.

standard: "x is a function."

Rebinding functions created via declarations (as opposed to expressions)
is a no-no?

PR-URL: #8668
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