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Here is the pull request concerning the modification needed for implementing the noproxy configuration as defined here: npm/npm#2873

isaacs and others added some commits Jan 17, 2013
@isaacs isaacs loosen nopt dep 48d9ebf
@isaacs isaacs v0.0.17 d5cb647
@jhs jhs Add platform and arch to the default user-agent 8edbe52
@isaacs isaacs v0.0.18 0621144
@isaacs isaacs Don't use a shared tmp dir in homeless envs
Addresses npm/npm#3064
@isaacs isaacs v0.0.19 92f726d
@isaacs isaacs v0.0.20 41ae994
@luk- luk- adds semver to dependencies
config-defs.js requires semver but the module is not in the deps.
This is probably not an issue with the way npm uses it but it's
causing a problem when using npmconf and npm-registry-client
separately. Added the same version used by npm-registry-client.
@rhoot rhoot Adding bin-links
Adding "bin-links" option to support npm/npm#3090.
Setting it to false will prevent npm from making any symlinks to
binaries when using the "npm install" or "npm link" commands.
@isaacs isaacs v0.0.21 8785c2a
@robashton robashton Added missing ini dependency 2d7f2c0
@isaacs isaacs v0.0.22 485865f
@isaacs isaacs cache-min: Default to 10s 5ad935f
@isaacs isaacs v0.0.23 4142156
@vvision vvision Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
@vvision vvision Merge branch 'master' of 20feec0
@vvision vvision Fixed indentation. a3c93ba

Is there any hope of this ever going in? A noproxy option is really needed.


Two things:

  1. This repo is deprecated, because the code has been merged back into npm core. Given the heavy dependencies between npm and npmconf, it really didn't make sense for npmconf to be a freestanding thing.
  2. It turned out that the easiest way to support this behavior was via the semi-standard NO_PROXY environment variable, and to implement it in request as part of its proxy and tunneling agent support. This was done a few months ago, so recent versions of npm (including npm@2.5.1, the latest stable version, which is bundled with Node 0.12.0 and io.js 1.2.0) have support for NO_PROXY included.

This probably won't be added as config to npm unless and until request makes that functionality configurable, and even then messing with how the proxy support works makes me very nervous, because it is hard to test, which makes it brittle.

@othiym23 othiym23 closed this Feb 19, 2015
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