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fill prefix with date, if enabled and empty. #4

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miira commented Jan 15, 2014

Date is in milliseconds or UTC string format.
The behaviour can be modified with two boolean style fields 'fillDateIfEmpty', 'useMS'.

var log = require('npmlog')
log.prefixStyle = { fillDateIfEmpty: true, useMS: true, fg: 'green' }'', 'show me when it happened');

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iarna commented Oct 30, 2015

I would be in favor of having the ability to include a timestamp in the output, but I think replacing empty prefixes is a little too weird. I would expect folks to want both. Plus, prefixes are special in other ways (emitted as event names).

Foorack commented Jan 30, 2016

@iarna @miira What do you think about this approach? #24

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iarna commented Mar 16, 2016

I'm closing this because we're definitely not going to replace prefix. I would ask that further discussion happen in #24, which integrates more cleanly with the natural shape of this module.

@iarna iarna closed this Mar 16, 2016
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