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AsyncMap error result question #3

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I love the simplicity of your slide functions and I have a question about the implementation. I don't see a case where the cb_ function is called with an errState. It looks like the chain of callbacks is short circuited and cb_ is never invoked when there's an error. Is this by design or am I incorrect? I've commented the line in question below. Thanks! Great slides btw, very informative!

module.exports = asyncMap
function asyncMap (list, fn, cb_) {
  var n = list.length
    , results = []
    , errState = null
  function cb (er, data) {
    if (errState) return
    if (er) return cb(errState = er) //should this be cb_ ?
    if (-- n === 0)
      return cb_(null, results)
  if (list.length === 0) return cb_(null, [])
  list.forEach(function (l) {
    fn(l, cb)
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Yep, that's a bug.

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