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npocmaka committed Oct 12, 2017
1 parent b9609c2 commit 95c33fea53ae4c2eb70fa560207d0fc7d30362de
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  1. +4 −7 hybrids/jscript/imageProcessing/tiff.bat
@@ -69,14 +69,11 @@ function printHelp(){
WScript.Echo( WScript.ScriptName + " - creates multi page tiff image");
WScript.Echo(" ");
WScript.Echo(WScript.ScriptName + "-source source.file -target target.tiff [-force yes|no]" +
"[-left left] [-percentage yes|no] [-frame-index -0.5..1] ");
WScript.Echo("-source - the image that will flipped or rotated.");
WScript.Echo("-target - the file where the transformations will be saved in.If the file extension format is different than the source it will be converted to the pointed one.Supported formats are BMp,JPG,GIF,TIFF,PNG");
WScript.Echo("-stamp - path to image that will be stamped over the source image");
WScript.Echo("-percentage - whether the rescale will be calculated in pixels or in percentages.If yes percentages will be used.Default is no.");
"-image-list \"file[;file2[;..]]\"");
WScript.Echo("-source - the image over which tiff pages will be set");
WScript.Echo("-target - file where the multi page tiff will be saves");
WScript.Echo("-image-list - list of files separated with \";\" which will be used as tiff pages");
WScript.Echo("-force - If yes and the target file already exists , it will be overwritten");
WScript.Echo("-top - offset from the top.Cannot be bigger than the source height.Default is 0.");
WScript.Echo("-left - offset from the left.Cannot be bigger than the source width.Default is 0.");
WScript.Echo("-frame-index - Have no idea what this is used for , but it is pressented in the rotation filter capabilities.Images with this and without looks the same.Accepted values are from -0.5 to 1");

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