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npocmaka committed Mar 10, 2017
1 parent 2673acd commit da7a248e1c87940e45f522207b094204d38fe92c
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@echo off
:: yet another sleep emulator working on everything from NT and above
if "%~1"=="" goto :help
ECHO.%*| FINDSTR /R /X /C:"[0-9][0-9]*" >NUL 2>NUL || goto :help
IF %~1 LSS 0 goto :help

typeperf "\System\Processor Queue Length" -si %~1 -sc 1 >nul

goto :eof
echo %~n0
echo Sleep emulator
echo Wait for a specified number of seconds.
echo Usage: CALL %~n0 seconds
echo seconds - seconds to wait

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