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Snippets for use with SCSS
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+ Shortcut to Include.tmSnippet
++ Shortcut to @extend.tmSnippet
+++ Shortcut to @import.tmSnippet
= Shortcut to @mixin.tmSnippet

UPDATE: If you use kuroir's SCSS-Package at the latest version you don't have to integrate this Snippets to Sublime Text 2 as they were reintegrated by kuroir!

This Package contains Snippets for use with SCSS and are forked from kuroir's SCSS-Package.

#Additional SCSS Snippets

  • + -> @include
  • ++ -> @extend
  • +++ -> @import
  • = -> @mixin
  • for -> @for
  • if -> @if
  • @f -> @font-face
  • @m -> @media

#Sublime Text 2 Install

##Installation via Package Control:

Search for "SCSS-Snippets"-Package.

##Manual Installation

Open up and execute these commands:

cd ~/Library/"Application Support"/"Sublime Text 2"/Packages/
git clone git://
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