Scripts for updating the svn mirror and cleanup of history for the nppcr_npp.
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Update Scripts
These are the scripts used for keeping the git mirror of Notepad++'s Subversion
and for processing that mirror into a whitespace normalized and binary cleaned

"Keychain" is used to provide access to the password protected authorization key.

~/.bash_profile contains the keychain startup.

	# Source keychain for github
	/usr/bin/keychain $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa

	# Allow password-less cron ssh
	source $HOME/.keychain/$HOSTNAME-sh

All files and scripts, the repos, and keychain are under the users /home, which
is simply `nppgit` for this project.

|-- cron
|   `--
	# Evals git scripts and does final push.
`-- git
	# Filter-branch script to rewrite-history for push to public repo.
	# Removes identified binaries from history.
	# Cleans up commit message formatting and git-svn id numbers.

	# Script to keep a local bare git-svn svn mirror repo up to date.

    |--       <- main cleaning routines.
	# Rewrite a branch that does not comply with a whitespace policy
	# into one that does.

	# Filter-branch script for --whitespace=fix fixing.

The script will attempt to reset itself and can always be manually reset using
`git update-ref` to reset the refs that are incorrect.  With cron setup to email
the sysout then simply resetting the refs to the refs shown on the last successful
run should do the trick, and if not then setting the refs for dirty and clean
branches and the .git/cache_file.XXX using update-ref will force the script to
reprocess the whole history.

These scripts have been in use for the NPPCR project since 2009 with three outages.
The first being when the upstream SVN changed locations which recovered just by
changing the upstream URL, and when the host VPS was migrated which was recovered
by simply logging in, and then when github had a key scare which was recovered by
setting a key.  The key issue also ended up leaving the local and remote clean
repo out of synch which was corrected by updating the ref to the parent of the last
known good one on the remote.