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Building my own dotfiles

loads of inspiration from @garybernhardt, @holman, @swaroopch, @rbates, and the likes.


Thanks to the guy who wrote something like "Vim-Revisited" and some other guy who wrote "Coming home to Vim". I'm sticking to Vim just because of them.


  • Copy and place the contents of the install folder in your $HOME directory
  • Run 'rake vim:destroy' to remove existing vim files in home directory.
  • Run 'rake vim:link' to symlink the .vimrc, .gvimrc files and the .vim directory.
  • Create the following directories in $HOME/.vim-tmp: bckp, swap, undo

Note to self: Terminator Preferences

  • font: DejaVu Sans Mono Book/11 (comes with ubuntu)
  • background: #1C1C1C
  • text: #FFFFFF
  • scrollback: 512 lines
  • default size: 80 columns, 55 rows
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