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A utility to find out when the counters will open for a particular train (120 days before)
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Ever spent time dumbly calculating when will open ticket counter for Diwali or some important festivals and holidays?

I did.

That's why I built this handy utility. Now don't miss any more money on expensive "Redbuses"!


$ gem install irctc


It's a command-line awesomness.

To find when the counter opens for a future date, use the -f switch:

$ irctc -f 'nov 23, 2012'

Don't forget to book in '2' days!

For the given date, tickets are available from this date:
(Thu) Jul 26, 2012

$ irctc -f 'nov 13, 2012'

Ticket counter already opened '8' days ago.

For the given date, tickets are available from this date:
(Mon) Jul 16, 2012

To find for what future date the counter opens for the given date, use the -p switch:

$ irctc -p 'jul 24, 2012'

On the given date, tickets are available for this date:
(Wed) Nov 21, 2012

Note: As of now, the irctc ticket counter opens 120 days before the day you need to travel.


More awesome functionality can be added! For example, a gmail integration would be great. It could send mail for the interested people for their preferred days. I'm working on it already. Feel great to provide a helping hand.

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