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Card Piles

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The cards of this game are kept in different piles throughout a match. Every player has a draw deck, a hand and a discard pile.

At the beginning of the game, all cards of a player's deck go to his or her draw deck. Players may not have a look at their draw deck unless a card allows them to. Whenever a player draws a card, that card is drawn from the top of the draw deck.

The hand of each player contains the cards he or she may play during the main phase (or during the attack phase in case of some effects). Players may show their hands to each other whenever they want to. There's no limit on the number of cards in a player's hand.

Every time a player is forced to discard a card, either from play or from his or her hand, that card goes to that player's discard pile. Players may have a look at their discard piles at any time.

The attack deck contains all cards that represent the opposition the players have to face. The players must not look at the cards in the attack deck at any time unless a card allows them to.

Whenever an attack event or an attacking starship is discarded, that card is put on the attack discard pile. If a card needs to be drawn from the attack deck and the attack deck is empty, the attack discard pile is shuffled and makes up the new attack deck.

The location deck contains all possible locations the players may jump to. At the end of each turn, they have to decide which location to jump to in order to get closer to their goal. Players may not have a look at the location deck unless a card allows them to.

Every time a player starship is damaged, cards in the damage deck tell how the attributes of that starship are affected, and if the ship is finally destroyed, or not. Discarded damage cards go to the damage discard pile. If any ship is damaged and the damage deck is empty, the damage discard pile is shuffled turned face down, making up the new damage deck.

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