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Add or Remove (x)

Every time a card tells a player to add (x) or remove (x), he or she adds or removes x tokens to or from the threat pool.

Playing For Free

If a player is allowed to play a card for free, he or she plays that card without adding its threat to the threat pool.


Some game texts may require the players to overload a ship. This is done by attaching the top card of the damage deck to that ship. Ships can be destroyed by overloading them. Damage taken from overloading cannot be prevented.


If a starship is repaired, the players choose any attached damage card to be discarded.


If a ship is allowed to draw battle destiny, the players reveal the top card of the attack deck, add its threat to the ship's power and discard that card.


The upkeep value of each player ship is added to the threat pool at the beginning of each jump phase.


Ships with cloaking don't add threat during the attack phase.

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