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Project Folder Structure

Nick Pruehs edited this page Mar 16, 2015 · 3 revisions
  • Bin. Contains all compiled binaries in subfolders of structure $(Platform)$(Configuration)$(MSBuildProjectName)\
  • Documents. Project documentation, such as card lists and rule books.
  • Media. Raw game media, such as image source files (PSDs).
  • Obj. Contains all intermediate compiler output files in subfolders of structure $(Platform)$(Configuration)$(MSBuildProjectName)\
  • Source. Contains all source and header files, project and solution files, and static analysis project files.

Why is there no Project folder?

Visual Studio 2013 is unable to show the correct path of all referenced source files if they can't be found strictly below the project file. Thus, all project and solution files can be found in the Source directory.

Why is there no Include folder?

Pinned Down encourages a feature-based folder structure. Everything that is needed for a single feature should be found in one place. Thus, source and header files are kept together for easier adding, moving and removing of features.

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