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Turn Sequence

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All players play simultaneously.

Main Phase

Players may do each of the following things, in any order:

  • Play effects and handle them, adding threat.
  • Use special powers of any character or starship cards.

Attack Phase

At the beginning of the attack phase, add threat equal to the distance of each location and one threat for each player starship on the table (without Cloaking).

Then, the players reveal cards from the top of the attack deck, one at a time, removing their cost from the threat pool. If a card is revealed the cost of which exceeds the number of tokens in the threat pool, the card is ignored and discarded, and the players stop revealing cards.

Assignment Phase

Players assign their starships to the attackers according to the following rules:

  • If there are more enemy ships than player ships, every player starship must be assigned to defend against an attacker.
  • If there are more player ships than enemy ships, every enemy starship must be assigned to attack against an defender.
  • Players are not allowed to assign a starship to an enemy starship, if there's at least one other unassigned enemy starship with higher power.

Fight Phase

The players resolve all fights, one at a time, in an order decided by them. Each fight is resolved in a dedicated fight phase.

  • If the total power of the player ship is greater than the power of the enemy ship, the player wins and the enemy ship is discarded.
  • If the total power of the player ship is less than or equal to the total power of the enemy ones, the player ship in that fight is_damaged_: The player draws a card from the damage deck and attached it to his or her starship. This cards take effect immediately. Damage cards remain until the ship is repaired. As soon as the structure of a ship is reduced to 0, it is destroyed.
  • If the total power of the enemy ship in a fight is at least double the total power of the player ones, the player is overpowered and their ship is destroyed immediately.

Jump Phase

If the total distance covered by the players is ten or higher, the players win the game.

Otherwise, all players add threat equal to their starships' upkeep values (see Upkeep).

After that, the players reveal the top two cards of the location deck and pick one location to jump to. The picked location is referred to as the current location of the player fleet, and its game text takes effect immediately, replacing the game text of the previous location. The other location card is put beneath the location deck.

Each player draws a card.

After that, all enemy ships are discarded. Add (1) for each enemy ship discarded this way.

All tokens in the threat pool remain.

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