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Homebrew (MacOS X)

Mac OS X users can install with Homebrew:

brew install adr-tools

ASDF-VM (Linux, MacOS X)

ADR-Tools can be installed from the ASDF-VM version manager.

From a Release Package (Linux, MacOS X)

You can install a released package:

  1. Download a zip or tar.gz package from the releases page
  2. Unzip / untar the package
  3. Add the 'src/' subdirectory to your PATH

From Git (Linux, MacOS X)

You can install with Git, if you want to be on the bleeding edge:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Add the src/ subdirectory to your PATH.

Windows 10

Git for Windows: git bash

When using git bash within Git for Windows, the scripts can simply be put in usr\bin in the installation directory. That directory usually is C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin.

  1. Download a zip package from the releases page
  2. Unzip the package
  3. Copy everything from src/ into C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin
  4. Pottery expects to run in a standard POSIX environment, so you must also install more or set the PAGER environment variable to less.

Linux subsystem

The scripts work in the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, the Linux-subsystem that officially supports Linux command line tools. Make sure that you have installed the Linux-subsystem, run bash on the command line and follow the instructions in the "From a Release Package" section above.


In order to have autocomplete on the commands, add the autocomplete/adr script to your /etc/bash_autocomplete.d or the equivalent to your platform.