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ENH: allow construction of datetimes from columns in a DataFrame

closes pandas-dev#8158

Author: Jeff Reback <>

Closes pandas-dev#12967 from jreback/dates and squashes the following commits:

e18c9cc [Jeff Reback] TST: move .to_datetime() tests to new testing class
7dc9406 [Jeff Reback] ENH: allow construction of datetimes from columns in a DataFrame
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jreback authored and nps committed Apr 26, 2016
1 parent d064528 commit cb7cdaa20ef5af421344819232ee289b93e22e7f
@@ -189,9 +189,28 @@ or ``format``, use ``to_datetime`` if these are required.

.. ipython:: python
.. versionadded:: 0.18.1

You can also pass a ``DataFrame`` of integer or string columns to assemble into a ``Series`` of ``Timestamps``.

.. ipython:: python
df = pd.pd.DataFrame({'year': [2015, 2016],
'month': [2, 3],
'day': [4, 5],
'hour': [2, 3]})
You can pass only the columns that you need to assemble.

.. ipython:: python
pd.to_datetime(df[['year', 'month', 'day']])
Invalid Data
@@ -120,6 +120,24 @@ Partial string indexing now matches on ``DateTimeIndex`` when part of a ``MultiI
dft2 = dft2.swaplevel(0, 1).sort_index()
dft2.loc[idx[:, '2013-01-05'], :]

.. _whatsnew_0181.enhancements.assembling:

Assembling Datetimes

``pd.to_datetime()`` has gained the ability to assemble datetimes from a passed in ``DataFrame`` or a dict. (:issue:`8158`).

.. ipython:: python

df = pd.DataFrame({'year': [2015, 2016],
'month': [2, 3],
'day': [4, 5],
'hour': [2, 3]})

# pass only the columns that you need to assemble
pd.to_datetime(df[['year', 'month', 'day']])

.. _whatsnew_0181.other:

Other Enhancements
@@ -3144,16 +3144,6 @@ def test_to_datetime_1703(self):
result = index.to_datetime()
self.assertEqual(result[0], Timestamp('1/1/2012'))

def test_to_datetime_dimensions(self):
# GH 11776
df = DataFrame({'a': ['1/1/2012', '1/2/2012'],
'b': ['12/30/2012', '12/31/2012']})
with tm.assertRaisesRegexp(TypeError, "1-d array"):
for errors in ['ignore', 'raise', 'coerce']:
with tm.assertRaisesRegexp(TypeError, "1-d array"):
to_datetime(df, errors=errors)

def test_get_loc_msg(self):
idx = period_range('2000-1-1', freq='A', periods=10)
bad_period = Period('2012', 'A')

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