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Build Status

unc0ver dark

the best jailbreak for 11.0 - 12.1.2



  • Where can I stay up to date on unc0ver dark? -- Join the unc0ver dark Discord
  • My Cydia is crashing? How do I fix this? -- Uninstall CyDown. It is not updated for the new fork of Cydia. Also, piracy is no fun. ;(
  • Jailbreak is failing first try? -- You need WiFi for initial jailbreak, and therefore cannot use Airplane Mode. This is due to licensing on Cydia Substrate.

Changes from unc0ver

  • APT 1.8
  • New true black UI designed by 23 Aaron
  • Substrate is downloaded from the Internet
  • Sileo support via Diatrus
  • Theme switcher by Diatrus & Hydri

Available themes

  • Dark Purple
  • True Black
  • White
  • OG Meridian White/v0rtex-S
  • Dark Meridian Mockup

Switching from the other jailbreaks

The switching process is handled automatically by unc0ver dark. No rootFS restore is required.

Getting support

  • Use the built-in diagnostics tool
  • Join the u0 Dark Discord
  • Join the Jailbreak Discord
  • r/jailbreak on Reddit

Best practices

  • Perform a full restore with Rollectra or Succession before switching from the other jailbreaks
  • Turn off Siri before starting the jailbreak

Source code

  • This project is completely open source and it will stay that way
  • Any kind of contribution is welcome
  • The original source code can be found on pwn20wndstuff's GitHub account


This fork wouldn't have been able to be created without these people and tools.

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