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Alehos, Alexa homeskill built quickly

Build Status JavaScript Style Guide

So that you dont need to write boilerplate code for Alexa Home Skill with Nodejs.

Alehos support routing for the Smart Home Skill API updated February 28, 2017 April 7, 2017 June 22, 2017.

How to use

let Alehos = require('alehos')

let alehos = new Alehos()

alehos.registerHandler('discover', (req, cb) => {
  // get the payload
  cb(null, payload)

alehos.registerHandler('onoff', (req, cb) => {
  // check if the request is on/off by looking at
  // action
  // finally return OK

exports.handler = function(event, context, cb) {
  alehos.handle(event, context, cb)

supported functions

  • discover: discovery
  • onoff: turn on and turn off handling
  • temperature: set temperature, increase temperature, decrease temperature handling
  • percentage: set percentage, increase percentage, decrease percentage
  • healthCheck: service availability handling
  • lock: query and controll door lock
  • color: controll tunable lighting
  • camera: query camera streaming

If you don't provide equivalent function, the response will be UnsupportedOperationError.


req is actually the event and context object from lambda request. You should looking at event for request message.


cb is the response function.

If you want to return error, generate an new error object, with code of the intented error. Example:

// if the device is un reachable
let err = new Error()
err.code = alehos.code.ERROR_TARGET_OFFLINE
return cb(err)