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Goals emailed daily.
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Daily Goals

Goals emailed daily.

This is a quick hack to email your goals to you every day. It uses Google Drive,, and SendGrid.

It will send you a selection of goals from a Google Spreadsheet broken up into categories (like so), by randomly picking a goal from each category.

Getting Started

Google Spreadsheet

This repository uses Google Drive as a datastore. You'll need to create a Google spreadsheet with your goals in it. The header row denotes the category of the goal, every subsequent cell in that column is a goal.

Google Spreadsheet Example

Uploading to

To use this, you must have an account. It's assumed you have a project already started. You'll also need to have the IronWorker CLI installed.

  1. Clone the repository to your computer: git clone daily-goals
  2. Move into the repository: cd daily-goals
  3. Download the iron.json file for your project, move this into your repository.
  4. Upload the worker to iron_worker upload DailyGoal
  5. Finally, schedule a task to run the uploaded code daily. Make sure to provide it with a payload, containing your Google Credentials, SendGrid Credentials, Google Drive Spreadsheet Key, and your email.

Remember Your Goals

EC2 Not Echinacea

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