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#property copyright "(c) 2013 Acme Corporation"
#property link ""
#import "nquotes/nquoteslib.ex4"
int nquotes_setup(string className, string assemblyName);
int nquotes_init();
int nquotes_start();
int nquotes_deinit();
double nquotes_on_tester();
int nquotes_on_timer();
int nquotes_on_chart_event(int id, long lparam, double dparam, string sparam);
int nquotes_set_property_bool(string name, bool value);
int nquotes_set_property_sbyte(string name, char value);
int nquotes_set_property_short(string name, short value);
int nquotes_set_property_int(string name, int value);
int nquotes_set_property_long(string name, long value);
int nquotes_set_property_byte(string name, uchar value);
int nquotes_set_property_ushort(string name, ushort value);
int nquotes_set_property_uint(string name, uint value);
int nquotes_set_property_ulong(string name, ulong value);
int nquotes_set_property_float(string name, float value);
int nquotes_set_property_double(string name, double value);
int nquotes_set_property_datetime(string name, datetime value);
int nquotes_set_property_color(string name, color value);
int nquotes_set_property_string(string name, string value);
int nquotes_set_property_adouble(string name, double& value[], int count=WHOLE_ARRAY, int start=0);
bool nquotes_get_property_bool(string name);
char nquotes_get_property_sbyte(string name);
short nquotes_get_property_short(string name);
int nquotes_get_property_int(string name);
long nquotes_get_property_long(string name);
uchar nquotes_get_property_byte(string name);
ushort nquotes_get_property_ushort(string name);
uint nquotes_get_property_uint(string name);
ulong nquotes_get_property_ulong(string name);
float nquotes_get_property_float(string name);
double nquotes_get_property_double(string name);
datetime nquotes_get_property_datetime(string name);
color nquotes_get_property_color(string name);
string nquotes_get_property_string(string name);
int nquotes_get_property_array_size(string name);
int nquotes_get_property_adouble(string name, double& value[]);
extern double MaximumRisk = 0.02;
extern double DecreaseFactor = 3;
extern int MovingPeriod = 12;
extern int MovingShift = 6;
int init()
nquotes_setup("MetaQuotesSample.MovingAverage", "MovingAverageCustom");
nquotes_set_property_double("MaximumRisk", MaximumRisk);
nquotes_set_property_double("DecreaseFactor", DecreaseFactor);
nquotes_set_property_int("MovingPeriod", MovingPeriod);
nquotes_set_property_int("MovingShift", MovingShift);
return (nquotes_init());
int start()
return (nquotes_start());
int deinit()
return (nquotes_deinit());
// optional event handlers:
//double OnTester()
// return (nquotes_on_tester());
//void OnTimer()
// nquotes_on_timer();
//void OnChartEvent(const int id, const long& lparam, const double& dparam, const string& sparam)
// nquotes_on_chart_event(id, lparam, dparam, sparam);
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