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Commits on Mar 13, 2012
  1. @wturner @osehr-agent

    Merge "Allow user to choose failure conditions"

    wturner authored osehr-agent committed
Commits on Mar 8, 2012
  1. @josephsnyder

    Expand MUnit Testing capabilities

    josephsnyder authored
    Change the MUnit testing scripts to not use the platform dependent
    programs, but to use the OSEHRAHelper module and Python to install the
    KIDS patches and Import and Run the routines.
    Change the CMakeLists.txt file to have a UnitTesting section which is
    outside of any platform specific code which installs the KIDS patch on
    configuration.  The section should also glob the UnitTest routines to
    create the necessary import and testing scripts.
    Create the generic python scripts which can be configured and renamed with
    the correct package for testing. There should be one python file for
    running the tests, a cmake file to drive the previous one, and a file for
    the import of the unit test routines.
    Change the module to have a 'multiwait' function which takes
    a list of strings to match. This new list is used in the expect command in
    either system and returns the index of the expression that was matched.
    If the object passed to the multiwait function is not a list,
    the program raises an error.
    Change-Id: Ie06809e5b84da5b3a2c662a701634da7828bec94
  2. @josephsnyder

    Allow user to choose failure conditions

    josephsnyder authored
    Change the CMakeLists.txt file to have an option called
    that asks the user if they want to use XINDEX warnings as a failure
    condition during testing.
    Change the to pass the configured result of the
    USE_XINDEX_WARNINGS_AS_FAILURES option to the ReportXINDEXResults function.
    Change the CommonFunctions.cmake to have an if statement to determine the
    string that is used to determine a failure condition.  If the
    USE_XINDEX_WARNINGS_AS_FAILURES is turned on, use the string "F -|W -".
    If the option is off, just use "F -"
    Change-Id: I603775575aa79b1e7aacc0c63f32985724f39959
Commits on Mar 2, 2012
  1. @jason-li

    Changed parser to handle splitted global files

    jason-li authored
    Changed findGlobalsBySourceV2 routine in to only read
    the very first splitted global files if any.
    Change-Id: If6d43c8f68159a040b71be47486fd2009fe7e87b
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
  1. @ChristopherEdwards

    FIX: trailing slash

    ChristopherEdwards authored
    The trailing slash is not included on the OSEHRA_PATH so importing
    globals fail
    Change-Id: I236ac536ec9a0b98d43d3a61cec9e807ca28f56c
  2. @ChristopherEdwards

    FIX: Cache on Linux support

    ChristopherEdwards authored
    Cache on linux doesn't support the nodisplay argument, now isolated in
    WIN32 block
    Change-Id: Ie153d8286d2c8d4c07933682e7db2bdf4ae677bf
Commits on Feb 22, 2012
  1. @josephsnyder

    Make Python Import scripts more robust

    josephsnyder authored
    Make both changes to cover the case where the path variables entered into CMake
    do not have the trailing slash.
    Change the ZGI command in the to have a forward slash
    inbetween '${OSEHRA_PATH}' and 'globals.lst'.  This prevents the path from
    being misinterpreted by the MUMPS instance.
    Change the command VistA.write('${VISTA_ROUTINE_DIR}') to have a
    forward slash following the variable.  This ensures the routines are placed
    into the provided directory.
    Change-Id: I036a7edd7e4ac8be33b88b6c465c5ab5949de961
Commits on Feb 21, 2012
  1. @josephsnyder

    Update Nightly import to run from python

    josephsnyder authored
    Change the CMakeLists.txt to have the configuration of the Nightly import
    scripts to have both systems utilize the same configuration. Move this
    below the XINDEX test creation to utilize the same variables that are set
    in the system identification blocks. Merge the two options of "clean_cache" and
    "clean_database" into a single "clean_database" option that configures the
    Python and CMake files when needed. Change the pexpect spawns to include
    the 'timeout=None' argument, which eliminates the timeout while waiting
    for the import to finish. Create the option for the user to choose to
    supply a username and password for an instance that requires a login.
    Change the import scripts (Routine,global and Initialize) to utilize the
    OSEHRAHelper module as the method of connection to the MUMPS instance.
    Change the OSEHRAHelper module to use an non-optional namespace argument
    and have a check in the initialization to see if a string is provided.
    If none is provided, use a default name.
    Change the ImportRG.cmake to have 'if' statements that separate the GT.M
    removal steps of the old environment from the Cache steps. It also calls
    the configured python files that are created in the configure step.
    Change the 'if(CControl AND CTerm)' statment to only depend on the CControl
    variable.  CTerm is not available on Linux/Cache. Append Linux paths
    to the "_Cache_Path" variable so that the Linux environment paths are included
    in the search for the ccontrol program.
    Changes to the CMakeLists.txt file for testing with Cache on Linux
    were adapted from Christopher Edwards (Change I33e749dc).
    Change-Id: If880e7e0dfd723fd5a676b10e9b8aed220b1e69b
Commits on Feb 16, 2012
  1. @josephsnyder @osehr-agent

    Merge "Restructure OSEHRA Helper and XINDEXScript"

    josephsnyder authored osehr-agent committed
Commits on Feb 15, 2012
  1. @jason-li

    EHN: Integrated Munit with Automated Testing Env.

    jason-li authored
    Detailed changes:
    Added a few options to setup the unit testing environment in CMakeList.txt
    Added Unit Test cases based on the unit test files under UnitTest directory
    in the OSEHRA-Automated-Testing repository.
    Integrated MUnit KIDS build installation in the clean build workflow.
    Added a Unit Testing file ZZUTDIDT.m based on MUnit framework.
    Change-Id: I4e5362d2a7c2363df089e5576ce1129a5004a54c
  2. @josephsnyder

    Restructure OSEHRA Helper and XINDEXScript

    josephsnyder authored
    Add a 'wait(PROMPT)' command to the XINDEXScript file just before the 'D
    ^XINDEX' command is written.  This eliminates the possiblity that the
    command will be written before the system is ready to recieve it.
    Add a line in the initialization of each connection type to have a
    self.namespace be set. This allows the wait(PROMPT) to function correctly
    Change-Id: I65692219317369da4aa4c90edb26b28dfe59a3bb
Commits on Feb 14, 2012
  1. @jason-li

    EHN:Use find_package(Git) only with CMake >=2.8.2

    jason-li authored
    Otherwise fackback to use find_program directly because FindGit.cmake did
    not exist prior to CMake 2.8.2
    Change-Id: Ifef68d110a2d21b73674550e7057075a7a4de1a2
Commits on Feb 13, 2012
  1. @josephsnyder

    Create and Utilize OSEHRAHelper Python module

    josephsnyder authored
    Create a python module called OSEHRAHelper that is initialized with data
    about the instance you will connect to. The Module  will automatically
    determine the type and connection method.
    Based on the system it will use the telnetlib to connect to a Win32-Cache
    instance, and use pexpect to connect to the two Linux types.  With this module,
    the scripts for testing are more generic, utilizing an abstract script to
    connect to all three MUMPS instances. It will also store information which
    can be used for code that needs a particular platform to run.
    The information needed during initialization is the path to
    a log file(required) and optionally: an Instance name, a namespace and
    a location.  The optional arguments have defaults which will be used if
    no variable is provided.  'Instance' defaults to 'CACHE', namespace to
    'VISTA', and location to ''.
    Create two new options in the CMakelists.txt file to customize the XINDEX
    scripts.  One option for needing to log into the instance called
    "USE_LOGIN", the second for changing namespace at the beginning of the
    script.  The USE_LOGIN will ask the user for the username and password to
    supply to the instance when necessary.
    Create a generic XINDEX python script that the testing will be called from the after configuration that takes 7 arguments.  The
    arguments need to be in the following order: LogFilePath,
    ListofRoutines (automatically generated), INSTANCE, NAMESPACE, USERNAME,
    PASSWORD, VISTA_SOURCE_DIR.  The XINDEX python script should use both the
    system type and the VistA.type to insert prompts that are specific to
    particular instances.
    Change-Id: I2de1dd75a7f0d353d77512c44d36ed9eddb4f015
Commits on Feb 2, 2012
  1. @josephsnyder @osehr-agent

    Merge "Update the cmake_minimum_required"

    josephsnyder authored osehr-agent committed
  2. @josephsnyder

    Update the cmake_minimum_required

    josephsnyder authored
    Change the cmake_minimum_required version to 2.8.2.  The find_package(Git)
    was not introduced into CMake until that version.  If used on an older
    version, CMake raises a warning.
    Change-Id: Ib1183632e02cc86eb8b3c39848daca4c2f5063cf
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
  1. @josephsnyder @osehr-agent

    Merge "Fix spawn command for Cache on Linux"

    josephsnyder authored osehr-agent committed
Commits on Jan 30, 2012
  1. @josephsnyder

    Include pexpect in OSEHRA Testing Repository

    josephsnyder authored
    Add the python files that are contained in the
    pexpect tar file. They are included to eliminate the need to
    install the package before use.  Change the  CMakeLists.txt file
    such that in the scripts where pexpect is used,a command is included which
    adds this Python directory to the system path.
    Change-Id: I1c81a70ad21a60dc20c8871a1690ce77ccb2ed48
Commits on Jan 27, 2012
  1. @josephsnyder

    Fix spawn command for Cache on Linux

    josephsnyder authored
    The script command for the Cache on Linux needs to utilize
    a "-U" argument to specify what namespace to start the instance in.
    The python scripts are written to expect the user specified namespace as
    the first prompt after signing in.  The current spawn command will present
    the script with the USER namespace.
    Change-Id: Ic29a9113440f118a587735bacd5c9c0822c5f776
Commits on Jan 26, 2012
  1. @josephsnyder

    Move XINDEX Testing Framework to Python

    josephsnyder authored
    This commit changes the environment of the XINDEX test drivers from
    expect/Cache scripts to Python.  This change will allow greater
    flexibility in the testing, as the python scripts can be used to a greater
    degree than either of the previous scripts.
    The method of communication to the instance is still the same,
    Windows Cache is accessed via Telnet and Linux Cache and GT.M are accessed
    with an expect program, though it is written in Python.  Pexpect, ,is an external module to
    python, and needs to be installed prior to use.  But once installed, it
    can be imported like any other library in Python.
    To install Pexpect, unzip the download and run: 'python INSTALL'
    The is used to call the python scripts that are
    created at configuration time.  The running of the tests remains the same.
    Change-Id: Ib868e18fefe8f383e9e2ede0ce1bb1f185f8a91a
Commits on Jan 19, 2012
  1. @jason-li

    EHN:Added line info,external refs for each Routine

    jason-li authored
    Changes in details:
    1. Changed the XINDEX Option to include line info.
    2. Moved the logic to handle Xindex Log file parsing from class CallerGraphParser to XINDEXLogFileParser.
    3. Refactored the AbstractParser Interface.
    4. Added regression testing support for
    5. Changed to support line tags, also added Unit test case for
    6. Changed to support line tag display, also added Label
    Reference and External Reference support.
    7. Changed to genenate index.html file in Python.
    8. Re-wording the command line help message for gitPath
    and dotPath
    Change-Id: I0478bf432cc0bf6fc366be30dcb214d9060f957f
Commits on Jan 6, 2012
  1. @jason-li

    EHN:Change the telnet device output setting

    jason-li authored
    This change reduces the log file size and also speed up the processing and
    Change-Id: I6203da53f827f8118c1313b92ab7ea70072f223b
Commits on Dec 30, 2011
  1. @jason-li

    EHN:Identified Routines under UNKNOWN Package

    jason-li authored
    1. Added platform dependent routines to PlatformDependentRoutine.csv file.
    2. Categorized routines under UNKNOWN package based on namespace.
    3. Parsed the PlatformDependentRoutine.csv file and integrated with Web Page
    generation process.
    4. Fixed a problem with Routine Indexing Page if routine name is the same as
    the uppercase character.
    5. Refactory code
    6. Added a header to PlatformDependentRoutine.csv and modified the parser to
    handle that, also corrected a few format issues in csv file.
    Change-Id: I96f9490e939ea23124411cda720be30e136e27cd
Commits on Dec 21, 2011
  1. @jason-li @osehr-agent
  2. @jason-li

    EHN: Added package VDL link and mirror link support

    jason-li authored
    Also changed the code to support % routines and new package.csv file
    Change the hard code path for testing arguments as suggested by Christopher
    Edwards, Brad King and Chris Harris.
    Change the print output to use python logging module as suggested by Luis
    Added a function to categorize routine by namespace.
    Change-Id: I4a750b9b6eb1880a0c5b517e5e80a1c2b0e0415e
Commits on Dec 20, 2011
  1. @josephsnyder @osehr-agent

    Merge "Update find_program to find_Package"

    josephsnyder authored osehr-agent committed
Commits on Dec 19, 2011
  1. @josephsnyder

    Update find_program to find_Package

    josephsnyder authored
    The find_program commands that are used currently only give *.exe as the name of
    the program to find.  The find_package command is a more robust command used to
    find and capture external packages. The find_programs for Git and Python in each
    of their section should be replaced with a single find_package for each program.
    This can be done at the very top of the CMakelists.txt file.
    Doing this requires a change in the variable names used in the rest of the
    testing suite. The Python variable changes from PYTHON_EXEC to
    PYTHON_EXECUTABLE.  The same change is done for the Git variable.
    Suggested-by: Christopher Edwards <>
    Change-Id: I25fd721adc83c0d345c6a572bddca96a1e3b23c6
Commits on Dec 15, 2011
  1. @jason-li @osehr-agent

    Merge "Added support to generated docs from XINDEX"

    jason-li authored osehr-agent committed
  2. @jason-li

    Added support to generated docs from XINDEX

    jason-li authored
    1. Modified the CMake to add option to generated XINDEX Scripts
    2. Added Python scripts to parse the Xindex log file and generate web pages.
    3. Added some css/html files for web page formating.
    4. Added code_pretty_scripts
    5. Integrated google analytics
    6. Added Package/Routine Dependents support
    New Changes:
    7. Refactor the code
    8. Added Package link to VA documentation
    9. Detailed Package dependency/dependent with # of routines
    10. Added first two line of the source code in the routine page
    11. Added tag detailed for call information
    12. Added externalize to XML option
    13. Created package/package interaction detail page.
    14. Sorted the package dependency/dependent list by # of routines
    15. Re-arrange the graph and listed in the order of # of routines.
    16. Added link to interaction detail page from both graph and list.
    17: Added Package/Namespace mapping page
    18: Added global name list page, individual global page.
    19: Added global list to individual package page
    20: Modified global dependency graph/list to include routine -> global, also
    updated package/package interaction page to include routine->global
    21: Updated individual routine page to include global reference link
    22: Added a routine to parse all zwr files and compare with the file custody
    from VA to generated the package/global mapping.
    22: Fixed a problem with mump source code display
    23: Fixed a problem with setting local variable killed value
    24: Re-Order routine dependencies/dependents list by total # of routines and
    then name
    25: Fixed the source code header template
    26. Fixed the HTML title typo
    27. Added a test function to print out all % routines.
    28. Remove unused code pretty javascripts
    Change-Id: Ia5da6d4de3d4882a36e7131073a27662b2690682
Commits on Nov 28, 2011
  1. @josephsnyder

    Update package parsing to ignore files with ".*"

    josephsnyder authored
    Add a string match command before the package name is used to glob the
    routines.  It should look to match a period (.) as the first character
    of package_name.  If it does match, that package_name should not be
    used to find routines to add.
    Change-Id: Ic5da569d79bc27a437a447848760d19d4b9e8447
Commits on Nov 3, 2011
  1. @josephsnyder @osehr-agent
  2. @josephsnyder

    Change Update step to report both repositories

    josephsnyder authored
    The update step of the vista_common.cmake only reported the Testing Suite
    changes on the dashboard.  Change the  update steps include an
    execute_process to check out  and update the VistA CodeBase master branch
    repository and append the result file to the notes which are submitted
    with the build in addition to the regular update of the testing repository
    Also, put the SHA key of the repository from after the update has
    been made in the note.Only do this step if the files have been created
    Change-Id: Ic4f42f385b7d88480db5e117bee8de974103ef47
Commits on Nov 2, 2011
  1. @josephsnyder @osehr-agent
  2. @bradking

    Install hooks quietly during developer setup

    bradking authored
    Remove extra echo messages.  Use the '-q' option to Git commands to
    keep them quiet if nothing goes wrong.  This removes extra output
    during developer setup that includes unnecessary and possibly
    confusing information like the commit message of the hooks branch
    head.  For example, lines like
      HEAD is now at ad08c20 Merge branch 'itk-hook-cleanup' into hooks
    are not useful.
    Change-Id: I02dc24e28dd985bec73cfbd114c1d6927a4aabe1
Commits on Oct 26, 2011
  1. @josephsnyder @osehr-agent
Commits on Oct 25, 2011
  1. @josephsnyder @osehr-agent

    Merge "BUG: Fix MakeCommand not passing correctly"

    josephsnyder authored osehr-agent committed
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