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Nathan Rambeck's dotfiles for OS X and Linux.


###OS X

To install these dotfiles, run the following commands in your home directory.

git clone .dotfiles
cd .dotfiles

##What's included

My dotfiles are geared towards development with Drupal so it includes Drush and various scripts that make Drupal development easier. Here is a complete list.

  • .gitconfig - a configuration file for git with all the aliases I uses (and some I don't ever get around to)
  • .gitignore - a global git ignore file with files that are ignored in every project
  • drush - submodule of the drush project along with a symlinked bin file so the drush command just works
  • .zshrc - configuration file for the ZSH shell. This has a dependency on OhMyZSH. I still need to cover that dependency in the boostrap script.
  • .aliases - a collection of shell aliases
  • .commonrc - configration file for all shells and systems- drupal-sync - a script for syncing database dumps and user files from one environment to another. this requires that you setup drush aliases correctly. more documentation forthcoming.
  • drupal-upgrade - a script that will upgrade to a new minor version of Drupal core automatically. includes backups up files and database in case something goes wrong. please don't use this on production sites (you've been warned).
  • newsite - I use this script to setup a new development site locally