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carrot: Redis realtime reporting tool inspired by radish

Gives you a view into your redis server.The current version only gives you a graph of commands running over time. But as I add new features I will keep updating this section.

Things that I want to implement

  • Comparison between read and write commands
  • Database size and keys
  • Reports on specific queues

Tools used

How to Run?

  • Download and install play 2.0
  • Run redis server
  • Run "play run" command on the project folder. By default it points to localhost and default port.
  • Go to http://localhost:9000/

You could run the following code to generate load on redis server to see the reporting tool in action. Here I am using fyrie-redis scala redis client.

import net.fyrie.redis._
val r = new RedisClient("localhost", 6379)
def update(i: Int) = (1 to i).toList.foreach(x => r.set("key" + x, "some value" + x))

(1 to 3600000).foreach { x =>
    update((Math.random * 100).toInt)