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The "Hack Day" Web App
A friendly little website for helping your organization run a Hack Day event.
We aim to address:
* participant registration
* team creation and management
* project memorialization (file upload)
* communications
* blog
* twitter
* facebook
* email
* staff-managed wiki
* voting
* site themes
The site is built on Django 1.3 and Python 2.7. We strive for PEP-8ness, clean
code, and test coverage, in roughly that order.
Get a virtualenv all set up:
virtualenv --python=python2.7
source hackday/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
Create the database dir (location specified in
mkdir hackday/db
Re-creating Seed Data
The seed data can be re-generated with the dumpdata command. For readability
this is in XML cleaned up by tidy.
NOTE: There is a lot of junk in the db seed, most of which will be re-generated
by django during the syncdb process. It is advisable to trim down the data in
your seed to only the bare essential data that you wish to be loaded.
hackday/ dumpdata --format=xml | tidy -xml -indent