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+Nolan Brubaker
+Bachelor of Science in Informatics with concentration in Computer Science, December 2010. Indiana University South Bend, South Bend, IN.
+Technical Skills
+:Operating Systems: OS X, Linux, Windows (client and servers)
+:Languages: Strong skills in Python, intermediate knowledge of Erlang, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, C/C++, Java, PHP, bash
+:Database Systems: PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server
+:Project Tools: SVN, git, Trac
+:Packaginator_: Helped reorganize code for the `Django Packages`_ framework during PyCon 2011 Sprints.
+:django-uploadify_: Collaborator on django-uploadify_, a re-usable Django app that wraps the Uploadify_ multiple file uploader.
+Positions Held
+:2011-Present: Freelancer, specializing in Python and Django. Clients inlcude:
+ * Eldarion_ (Django, Python)
+ * `Red Post`_ (Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Eventmachine)
+:2010-2011: Research Programmer - `Center for Research Computing`_, University of Notre Dame. Helped faculty and students utilize web technologies in their research. Some highlights:
+ * Developed an HTTP-based peer-to-peer protocol and chat system in Python (using Flask_) and JavaScript that supports several thousand simultaneous clients, along with a testing framework.
+ * Began a framework based on Django_ for launching, managing, and reporting on jobs based on open source command line tools for monitoring environmental change.
+ * Implemented a Django app to generate dynamic data for a Flash application meant to use static XML fles.
+ * Created web crawler that searched for words within poems on the web and provided information on the pages it found for use with visualizations_ by a arts professor.
+ * Wrote a JavaScript prototype implementation of interactive subtitles and elements associated with an HTML5 video.
+ * Implemented workflows based on Subversion and Trac.
+ * Trained other programmers in better practices, like unit testing and source control.
+:2006-2010: Network Administrator - `MapleTronics Computers`_, Goshen, IN. Managed internal network, as well as installing and managing networks, servers, and software for clients. Some of my main duties included:
+ * Automating processes through custom VBScript and PowerShell scripts.
+ * Maintaining over 1,000 computers, both workstations and servers. This included managing virtual machines with VMware ESX and Microsoft's Hyper-V.
+ * Integrated reporting across several different systems using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and T-SQL.
+:2003-2006: HelpDesk Representative & Retail Salesman - `MapleTronics Computers`_, Goshen IN. Assisted customers with technology questions and purchasing decisions. A few of the skills I acquired during this time:
+ * Communicating technical concepts in a way that clients could understand and learn from.
+ * Finding compromises and solutions to mitigate problematic situations with customers.
+.. _`Center for Research Computing`:
+.. _`MapleTronics Computers`:
+.. _Packaginator:
+.. _`Django Packages`:
+.. _Eldarion:
+.. _visualizations:
+.. _Flask:
+.. _Django:
+.. _django-uploadify:
+.. _Uploadify:
+.. _`Red Post`:

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