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Nolan Brubaker


Simplify developer's lives and increases their effectiveness.


Bachelor of Science in Informatics with concentration in Computer Science, December 2010. Indiana University South Bend, South Bend, IN.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems:OS X, Linux
Languages:Strong skills in Python, intermediate knowledge of bash, Ansible
Database Systems:PostgreSQL
Project Tools:git, Jira, GitHub, Gerrit


ZODB:PyOhio 2012, presented on the Zope Object Database for Python applications.

Positions Held


Software Developer, Rackspace, Inc. Writing Ansible playbooks and roles for installing OpenStack.

  • Implemented Ansible playbooks and roles for the openstack-ansible project and rpc-openstack product.
  • Triaged and prioritized bugs and feature requests from both community members and internal support staff.
  • Led project for upgrading openstack-ansible/rpc-openstack code bases between Juno to Kilo and Kilo to Liberty codebases.
  • Collaborated with community members and internal coworkers to write new feature specifications, online and in person.
  • Wrote initial developer documentation for openstack-ansible.
  • Implemented unit and integration testing for existing Python dynamic inventory production code (ongoing).

Automation Engineer, Cox Media Group. Improving and maintaining tools for a large (40+) developer team.

  • Implemented self-service jobs in Hudson/Jenkins for developers to start git repositories and caching PyPI packages.
  • Maintained custom bash and Python tools for wrapping applications, simplifying usage.

Software Developer, Cox Media Group. Improving and maintaining a large scale Django CMS (10 million page views per day).

  • Implemented retargeting pixel system to help serve unique ads to site visitors
  • Added methods for advertisement traffickers to manage Google Doubleclick for Publishers ads from within our custom CMS.
  • Wrote custom tools for managing our development environment
  • Documented existing Google ads integration library

Web Developer, Six Feet Up, Inc.. Implementing and maintaining client Plone and Pyramid web sites and apps.

  • Implemented PubSubHubBub 'hub' and 'client' servers in Pyramid and Plone for syndicating content between various intranets.
  • Wrote and designed a Pyramid- and SQLAlchemy-based OpenID server
  • Implemented and maintained Pyramid package templates to make starting projects more efficient.
  • Provided technical estimates and guidance to project managers and customers for project implementations.

Freelancer, specializing in Python and Django. Clients included: Eldarion, Red Post, Carbon Black

  • Implemented a JavaScript bus route tracking component for Red Post digital signs.
  • Extended a Rails- and MongoDB-based money transfer kiosk application.
  • Contributed re-usable Django apps to the Pinax project.

Research Programmer - Center for Research Computing, University of Notre Dame. Helped faculty and students utilize web technologies in their research.

  • Developed an HTTP-based peer-to-peer protocol and chat system in Python (using Flask) and JavaScript that supports several thousand simultaneous clients, along with a testing framework.
  • Began a framework based on Django and Celery for launching, managing, and reporting on jobs based on open source command line tools for monitoring environmental change. Originally prototyped in Erlang
  • Implemented a Django app to generate dynamic data for a Flash application meant to use static XML files.
  • Created web crawler that searched for words within poems on the web, and provided information on the pages it found for use with visualizations by an arts professor.
  • Trained other programmers in better practices, like unit testing, source control, and bug tracking.

Network Administrator - MapleTronics Computers. Managed internal network, as well as installing and managing networks, servers, and software for clients.

  • Automating processes through custom VBScript and PowerShell scripts.