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Repository files navigation is no longer; sorry. This repo will continue to exist in case you really need to find some backing data. Feel free to send PRs to remove or update your entry. is a website for finding information about members of the Rust community. This repository contains details of Rustaceans and provides the data for To see the source itself for, see

To add or edit your data, you must fork this repo and send a pull request. Your PR should only add/modify a single file named <your github username>.json in the data directory. If your PR touches only your file, it will be automatically merged and the database for is automatically updated.

To remove yourself from, send a PR removing your JSON file. Note that your data will remain in the public history of this repository and cannot be removed.

data/template.json is a template JSON file you can fill in with your details. Make sure you don't delete the original file or your PR will be rejected. All fields are optional (but your GitHub username will always be shown on You can add any fields you like; they will be ignored, but if that field is added to in the future it will get picked up. Feel free to obfuscate any fields you like (such as email).

The fields

  • name - Your name.
  • email - Your email address. Will appear in a mailto link.
  • website - Your homepage URL.
  • blog - URL for your blog.
  • irc - Your IRC nickname. (Does not support different nicknames for different servers; use the nickname you use on Rust IRC channels.)
  • irc_channels - A JSON array of channel names on, without the # (e.g. ["rust", "rust-gamedev"]).
  • discourse - Your username on Discourse.
  • reddit - Your username on Reddit.
  • twitter - Your username on Twitter, including the @.
  • mastodon - Your username on the Fediverse/Mastodon, in the format @u@i, where u is the username and i the instance. This can be found in your profile page.
  • show_avatar - true or false, if it is true, your GitHub avatar will be displayed on
  • notes - Any notes you like about yourself. Markdown format; make sure you escape newlines and double quotes.

License and copyright

Each file in this repository is copyright (2014) that file's author. By submitting a file to this repository, you give permission for the contained data to be stored and displayed on This permission may be withdrawn at any time by sending a pull request removing the file and the data will be removed from within a reasonable time. No files in this repository may be copied, modified, or distributed for commercial use.