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This is a project for the 3rd assignment of the Web-based Systems course (SENG 513)
at the University of Calgary.

Find more details on the tutorials page:


Q: How to set the encoding for a language that needs different characters than those in ASCII?

A: Make sure that you include the charset that your language file is encoded in the HTTP header Content-Type, which is likely to be Unicode. Read more about charsets in HTTP at W3C:  http://www.w3.org/International/O-HTTP-charset

Q: Is there a way to know which branch one is currently in? (answer courtesy of Remy)

A: For the bash shell you can put the following in ~/.bashrc :

	# Function to print the git branch if we are in a git repository
	gitprompt ()
	   if [ -d .git ]; then
	       branch=`git branch | grep "*" | sed 's/\* //'`
	       echo "[$branch]"

	# add \w in front to display current directory
	export PS1="\$(gitprompt)$ "
Make sure that you reference the .bashrc in your ~/.bash_profile like so:

	. "$HOME/.bashrc"

Q: I pushed my changes - am I done?

A: No, please, come to the second tutorial and show your local changes and explain your solution to the TA.