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❗ NOTE - this project has been archived. Please see this blog post for more details. ❗


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This repository is where the core services of the Antidote project are maintained. This includes antidoted, which is the primary service for provisioning curriculum content within a Kubernetes infrastructure.

If you're looking for the web front-end for Antidote, that code is maintained in a separate repository: antidote-web.

The Antidote documentation contains additional architectural details.


To build antidote-core, you'll need Go installed. Any modern version of Go should suffice, but the "officially" supported version is whatever is listed in the Dockerfile. Within the antidote-core repository, compile binaries with:


To run tests:

make test

If you want to run the core server (antidoted) - you'll need to provide a configuration file. Below is a minimal version with only the api service enabled (see the config package for all supported config options):

curriculumDir: /path/to/curriculum
instanceId: antidote-dev
- api
# - stats
# - scheduler

You will also need to run a copy of NATS - this docker one-liner should do the trick:

docker run --rm -d -p 4222:4222 -p 6222:6222 -p 8222:8222 --name nats-main nats

Note that antictl and antidote are also compiled alongside antidoted. They do not have third-party runtime dependencies like antidoted does, but may depend on access to a running antidoted instance in order to be fully functional (especially antictl).