Model-driven framework for ASP.NET business apps
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NReco MDD Framework

NReco is an ASP.NET application framework that enables lightweight model-driven development and domain-specific modelling for real-life applications.

NReco Framework includes:

  • reusable components for building loosely-coupled web applications and suitable for generative programming
  • special XML models processor that transforms abstract domain-specific XML models into ASP.NET components and IoC-container configuration
  • ready-to-use set of domain-specific models that cover different aspects of typical ASP.NET application (UI elements like forms, lists dialogs; business-logic layer; data access and data permissions, data indexing etc)

NReco is a right choice for:

  • rapid prototyping and development of custom web-applications
  • custom enterprise/business web applications
  • software product-lines development and maintenance (projects "family")
  • SaaS-products and other scalable web-applications hosted in the cloud
## More information ## Standalone NReco Components

Copyright & License

NReco Version 1.0 (nreco1 branch) © 2008-2013 Vitalii Fedorchenko + other contributors (published under LGPL) NReco Version 2.x (master) © 2013-2015 Vitalii Fedorchenko + other contributors (LGPL)