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NReco.PivotData NuGet Release

OLAP library that implements:

  • in-memory multidimensional dataset (PivotData class)
  • OLAP operations: roll-up, slice and dice (SliceQuery class)
  • pivot table data model with efficient totals/sub-totals calculation (PivotTable class)

Official component page: PivotData Toolkit for .NET



  • CsvDemo: how to aggregate data from CSV file
  • DynamicFormulaMeasure: how to define formula-based measure dynamically (with a user-entered string expression)
  • DynamicListGrouping: group objects by multiple fields and calculate aggregates
  • ExcelPivotTable: generates Excel PivotTable by PivotData's PivotTable
  • ParallelCube: how to perform parallel aggregation (use all CPU cores) and merge all results into one resulting cube
  • PivotTableMvc: MVC example that renders simple pivot table / charts (without PivotData Toolkit components)
  • QueryCube: how to make OLAP queries with SliceQuery class: slice, dice, filter, roll-up, calculate derived dimensions and measures

Who is using this?

NReco.PivotData is in production use at and PivotData microservice. NReco.PivotData is a pre-requisite for PivotData Toolkit components.


Copyright 2015-2022 Vitaliy Fedorchenko

Distributed under the PivotData OLAP library FREE license (see src/LICENSE): NReco.PivotData can be used for free only in non-SaaS apps with one single-server production deployment. In all other cases commercial license is required (can be purchased here).