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The site is generated from the AsciiDoc files in the doc folder of nREPL’s GitHub repo and is published to Antora is used to convert the manual into HTML. The filesystem layout is described at

To make changes to the manual you simply have to change the files under doc. The manual will be regenerated manually periodically.

Installing Antora

Installing the Antora is super simple:

$ npm i -g @antora/cli@2.3 @antora/site-generator-default@2.3

Check out the detailed installation instructions if you run into any problems.

Building the Site

You can build the documentation locally from this repo.

$ cd
$ antora --pull antora-playbook.yml

After you’re done with the initial setup you can use the deploy script to push changes to the site:

You’ll need commit access to the repository for this to work.

To check the generated site you can simply open docs/index.html in your favourite browser.

If you want to make changes to the manual’s page structure you’ll have to edit nav.adoc.