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@cichli cichli released this Feb 5, 2019 · 17 commits to master since this release

New features

  • #117: Replace with nrepl.middleware.print.
    • New dynamic vars in nrepl.middleware.print for configuring the print
      middleware at the REPL.
    • The new middleware provides behaviour that is backwards-compatible with the
      old one. Existing middleware descriptors whose :requires set contains
      #'pr-values should instead use #'wrap-print.
  • #128: New middleware,
    nrepl.middleware.caught, provides a hook called when eval, read, or print
    throws an exception or error. Defaults to clojure.main/repl-caught.
    Configurable by the dynamic var nrepl.middleware.caught/*caught-fn*.

Bugs fixed

  • [CLI] Make sure ack port parameter is converted to integer for command line nREPL initialization.
  • [CLI] When starting the REPL, make sure the transport option is used correctly.
  • [CLI] Make sure calling send-ack at cmdline ns works with the correct transport.
  • #8: Clean up context classloader after eval.


  • #16: Use a single session thread per evaluation.
  • #107: Stop reading and evaluating code on first read error.
  • #108: Refactor cmdline functions into a public, reusable API.
  • Restore the nrepl.bencode namespace.
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