A Symfony2 Bundle for asset optimization
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Provides "on the fly" assets compression.


Add AssetOptimizerBundle to your src/Bundle dir

git submodule add git://github.com/Adenclassifieds/AssetOptimizerBundle.git src/Bundle/Adenclassifieds/AssetOptimizerBundle

Add AssetOptimizerBundle to your application Kernel

// app/AppKernel.php
public function registerBundles()
    return array(
        new Bundle\Adenclassifieds\AssetOptimizerBundle\AssetOptimizerBundle(),

Setup file compression in your config.yml

    javascripts: ~
    stylesheets: ~
    # optionals (with default values)
    # assets_path: %kernel.root_dir%/../web
    # cache_path: %kernel.root_dir%/../web/cache

Add a cache directory inside the assets folder

This can be done in two ways.

  1. Manually create the cache directory (do not forget to give write permissions).

    mkdir -p path/to/cache && chmod 775 path/to/cache
  2. Let the bundled clear-cache command do the work for you. When the cache is cleared it will remove the cache folder and recreate it.

    php app/console assets:optimizer:clear-cache

If this is not done a error with cannot write to /compressed-823782837283723823gdasdhjad.css which is because realpath is trying to resolve a non existing path and therefor resolves it to root

There is no changes inside templates

the following code

<?php $view['stylesheets']->add('foo/bar.css'); ?>
<?php $view['stylesheets']->add('bar/foo.css'); ?>
<?php $view['stylesheets']->add('http://foo.com/bar.css'); ?>
<?php echo $view['stylesheets'] ?>

should generate a file and produces (note that externals assets are ignored):

<link href="http://assets.mysite.com/cache/compressed-f71dbe52628a3f83a77ab494817525c6.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<link href="http://foo.com/bar.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Standalone assets

As a feature that only is supported when using this bundle is the term of "standalone" assets. Which means a asset marked as "standalone" will not be combing and/or minified.

{% javascript 'path/to/file.js' with { 'standalone' : true } %}

<?php $view['javascripts']->add('path/to/file.js', array('standalone' => true)); ?>

and the same for stylesheets

{% stylesheet 'path/to/file.css' with { 'standalone' : true } %}

<?php $view['stylesheets']->add('path/to/file.css', array('standalone' => true)); ?>

Command lines

Clear the generated cache files

console assets:optimizer:clear-cache

How to extend the asset optimizer

If you wish to add some unsupported behavior to the asset optimizer, feel free to use the following events


This event is triggered just before the resources are optimized. Here is an exemple of code that checks for attributes "sprite-suffix" and replace the resource url with the sprited css

 * @param Event
 * @param array resources
public function filterResources($event, $resources)
    foreach ($resources as $url => $attributes) {
        if (isset($resource['sprite-suffix'])) {
            $spriteUrl = str_replace('.css', 'sprite.css', $url);
            $resources[$spriteUrl] = $attributes;
    return $resources;

Change optimizer classes

You can use your own javascript and stylesheet optimizer by changing the class parameters:

        class: My\Javascript\Optimizer
        class: My\Stylesheet\Optimizer


In order to ease the setup, this bundle contains two vendor libraries : Minify & JavascriptPacker

It clearly goes against one of the best practices, but there is no easy way to setup required dependency yet.