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This is a WIP.  DO NOT USE

Drupal Features

* Find in Drupal
* Drupal Documentation
* Drupal Project Awareness
* Drupal AutoComplete
* Drupal Coding Standards


* Fully configured html / css / php modes
* Smart Indenting
* Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
* Line Numbers
* Visual Undo History
* State Saving
* File backups
* PHP / CSS / JS Electric Modes
* Project / VC Awareness
* IDE like navigation
* Firefox'esc search functionality
* Smart Cursor
* IDO mode
* Cygwin for command line
* Menubar Plus
* Code Completion
* Snippits
* Zen Coding
* Find File in Project
* Tortoise SVN
* Tortoise GIT
* Custom Menu
* Code Folding
* Visual Bookmarks
* Improved Occur Mode (??)
* Customized twilight color theme
* Sane Key Config (Optional)


* Cygwin
* NTEmacs
* TortoiseGit
* TortoiseSVN

Sane Key Config

scroll M-up / M-down
moveword M-left / M-right

undo C-z
redo C-y
undohist C-S-z
copy C-c
paste C-v
pastehist C-S-V
cut C-x
killline M-k
google C-S-g

isearch C-f
find-replace C-S-f
occur on current file ??

save C-s
rename C-S-s
new C-space
open file C-o
find file in project C-S-o
find in file F4
find in file in project S-F4
nav C-S-n
quit C-x C

smart single window F5
split window | F6
split window - F7
close window F8
enlarge window - F9
enlarge window | F10

choose buffer C-space
choose buffer / file / recent S-F1
close buffer C-0
next buffer C-right
prev buffer C-left

snippit tab
code completion S-space
zen coding C-S-x
jump to function C-S-F4
look up php function C-`
look up drupal function C-~
emacs function completion S-F4
shell C-n
comment C-{

svn commit F11
svn log F12
git commit S-F11
git log S-F12
svn commit repository C-S-F11
svn log repository C-S-F12
git commit repository C-x F11
git log repository C-x F12

set a bookmark F1
unset bookmark F3
jump to bookmark F2

tab in tab
tab out S-tab