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A very hacky HTML image gallery generator
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Very hacky HTML image gallery generator for generating image galleries. Constraints on output:

  • use as little bandwidth as possible for everything but full gallery
  • Work on extremely resource constrained (aka old/crappy/don't care if stolen) machine
  • completely static and no javascript (see above, but also cheap hosting)

Constraints on script:

  • Process images in parallel (lots and lots of images, need to regenerate frequently)
  • Multi-platform

Assumes all images have ~ alphanumeric names and end in .jpg.

To use:

  • Place your full-sized .jpg images in full/
  • Run assembled JAR in this directory.
  • Copy all HTML files, full/ directory, and thumbs/ directory into web root.
  • Add aliases for n+1.html and index.html pointing to 0.html.
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