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Formal verification of a SCUBA ascent protocol.
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This repository contains artifacts for our work on verified SCUBA diving.

There are three models/proofs:

  • tApprox: Contains the theorem statement, proof, and proof documentation for the basic model.
  • tApproxUpdate: Theorem 2 from the paper. Allows occasional manual ground truth updates for t.
  • nitrogen: Theorem 3 from the paper. Establishes both nitrogen safety and oxygen safety.

You can check each of these proofs by changing into the appropriate directory and running KeYmaera X with the -check flag on the appropriate .kya file. For example,

cd nitrogen;
java -jar path/to/keymaerax.jar -check final.kya

Notice tht you will need:

  • Mathematica installed
  • KeYmaera X version 4.4 installed
  • KeYmaera X version 4.4 configured to use Mathematica as its arithmetic backend.
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