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An implementation of the S3 API in Sinatra
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Sinatra-S3 is an implementation of the Amazon S3 API.  Based on the
Parkplace, written by _why, Sinatra-S3 has been extended to provide
additional support for ACLs, versioning and a bittorrent tracker.


To install or upgrade Sinatra-S3

  sudo gem install sinatra-s3
  sinatra-s3 directory
  cd directory
  rake db:migrate

Or we could install from github (bleeding edge, may not work)

  sudo gem install sinatra builder
  git clone git://
  cd sinatra-s3/
  cp s3.yml.example s3.yml
  rake db:migrate

Optional Gems

ruby-git     - Enable S3 versioning support.
rubytorrent* - Enable S3 torrent support. 

* A custom version of rubytorrent is required to enable bittorrent 
  support. see 


Once Sinatra-S3 has been installed we can start our server and log in 
with the default username admin and password pass@word1. 

  rackup -p 6060

Once running log in with the username admin and password pass@word1 
via the control center at  Make sure
to change your password!
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