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NewsBlur Helper

This macOS app performs two tasks:

Opening stories in a new tab in Safari

Safari 10 and later no longer support the method the NewsBlur Web app uses to open stories in tabs. This app includes a Safari app extension which gives NewsBlur the ability to do so again.

After copying the app to your Applications folder:

  • Open Preferences in Safari.
  • Click Extensions.
  • Check the box next to NewsBlur in the extension list.
  • Reload the NewsBlur tab if it's open, or just quit and reopen Safari.

You should then be able to use the 'o' or 'v' keys to open stories in new tabs.

Previously, similar functionality was provided by the NewsBlur Open in New Tab Safari extension, which is no longer supported as of Safari 12.

Handling feed: URLs

The feed URL scheme allows a feed to be opened in your preferred feed reader, such as NewsBlur. When you launch NewsBlur Helper, it will offer to send feed URLs to NewsBlur. If you don’t want NewsBlur to handle feed URLs, check the checkbox and NewsBlur Helper will never ask again.

Please note this feature is only supported on macOS 10.13 High Sierra and later. If you're running macOS 10.12, you will be informed of this when you launch NewsBlur Helper.

Previously, this functionality was provided by the NewsBlur Safari Helper app.

If you have the NewsBlur Web app installed on your own server

If you do not access NewsBlur at, you can specify the domain of your own server in NewsBlur Helper’s Preferences. The extension will only work on this domain, and feed URLs will redirect to this domain. You will need to reload/reopen the site after changing this domain.

Problems? Please create an issue or post on the forum.


Nicholas Riley


Improve integration between NewsBlur, macOS 10.12.6+ and Safari 11+.






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