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// PSMovieAlertController.m
// Pester
// Created by Nicholas Riley on Sat Oct 26 2002.
// Copyright (c) 2002 Nicholas Riley. All rights reserved.
#import "PSAlarmAlertController.h"
#import "PSMovieAlertController.h"
#import "PSMovieAlert.h"
#import "QTMovie-NJRExtensions.h"
#import "NJRSoundManager.h"
#import "NJRSoundDevice.h"
#include <QuickTime/QuickTime.h>
@implementation PSMovieAlertController
+ (PSMovieAlertController *)newControllerWithAlarm:(PSAlarm *)anAlarm movieAlert:(PSMovieAlert *)anAlert;
// retained until the alert completes
return [[self alloc] initWithAlarm: anAlarm movieAlert: anAlert];
- (void)close;
[super close];
if ([NJRSoundManager shouldOverrideOutputVolume])
[NJRSoundManager restoreSavedDefaultOutputVolumeIfCurrently: [alert outputVolume]];
- (void)_movieRateDidChange:(NSNotification *)notification;
float newRate = [[[notification userInfo] objectForKey: QTMovieRateDidChangeNotificationParameter]
if (newRate != 0)
if (repetitions == 0 || repetitionsRemaining == 0) {
[self close];
[movieView gotoBeginning: self];
[movieView play: self];
- (void)play;
repetitionsRemaining = repetitions - 1;
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver: self
selector: @selector(_movieRateDidChange:)
name: QTMovieRateDidChangeNotification
object: [movieView movie]];
[movieView play: self];
- (id)initWithAlarm:(PSAlarm *)anAlarm movieAlert:(PSMovieAlert *)anAlert;
if ([self initWithWindowNibName: @"Movie alert"]) {
QTMovie *movie = [anAlert movie];
NSWindow *window = [self window]; // connect outlets
alarm = anAlarm;
alert = anAlert;
[movieView setMovie: movie];
if ([alert hasVideo]) {
NSRect screenRect = [[window screen] visibleFrame];
NSSize movieSize = [[movie attributeForKey: QTMovieNaturalSizeAttribute] sizeValue];
NSSize minSize = [window minSize];
float windowFrameHeight = [window frame].size.height - [[window contentView] frame].size.height;
NSRect frame;
screenRect.size.height -= windowFrameHeight;
minSize.height -= windowFrameHeight;
while (movieSize.width > screenRect.size.width || movieSize.height > screenRect.size.height) {
movieSize.width /= 2;
movieSize.height /= 2;
if (movieSize.width < minSize.width) movieSize.width = minSize.width;
if (movieSize.height < minSize.height) movieSize.width = minSize.height;
[window setContentSize: movieSize];
[window center];
frame = [window frame];
frame.origin.y -= 400; // appear below notifier window - XXX this is very inaccurate, fix
if (frame.origin.y < screenRect.origin.y) frame.origin.y = screenRect.origin.y;
[window setFrame: frame display: NO];
[window setTitle: [alarm message]];
{ // XXX workaround for (IMO) ugly appearance of Cocoa utility windows
NSView *miniButton = [window standardWindowButton: NSWindowMiniaturizeButton],
*zoomButton = [window standardWindowButton: NSWindowZoomButton];
// NOTE: this will not work if the window is resizable: when the frame is reset, the standard buttons reappear
[miniButton setFrameOrigin: NSMakePoint(-100, -100)];
[zoomButton setFrameOrigin: NSMakePoint(-100, -100)];
[[miniButton superview] setNeedsDisplay: YES];
[[zoomButton superview] setNeedsDisplay: YES];
[[self window] orderFrontRegardless];
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver: self selector: @selector(close) name: PSAlarmAlertStopNotification object: nil];
repetitions = [alert repetitions];
if ([movie NJR_hasAudio] && [NJRSoundManager volumeIsNotMutedOrInvalid: [alert outputVolume]]) {
if ([NJRSoundManager shouldOverrideOutputVolume] && [NJRSoundManager saveDefaultOutputVolume])
[NJRSoundManager setDefaultOutputVolume: [alert outputVolume]];
[movie setVolume: [alert outputVolume]];
SetMovieAudioContext([movie quickTimeMovie],
[[NJRSoundDevice defaultOutputDevice] quickTimeAudioContext]);
if (![movie NJR_isStatic]) [self play]; // if it's an image, don't close the window automatically
return self;
- (void)dealloc;
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] removeObserver: self];
[super dealloc];
@implementation PSMovieAlertController (NSWindowNotifications)
- (void)windowWillClose:(NSNotification *)notification;
repetitions = 0;
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] removeObserver: self
name: QTMovieRateDidChangeNotification
object: [movieView movie]];
[movieView pause: self];
[alert completedForAlarm: alarm];
[self autorelease];
// note: there may still be a retained copy of this object until the runloop timer has let go of us at the end of the current movie playback cycle; donÕt worry about it.
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